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Expert Medicated Bath Services

At Empire Pets Grooming Boutique, our skilled technicians know the latest techniques in pet care. Clients count on us to safely take care of their furry family members. Is your dog suffering from itchy skin? Contact us today.

Soothe your pet's itchy skin

•   Medicated baths

•   De-skunking

•   Dematting (if mats are not too severe)

•   Nails painted or filed

•   Flea and tick control - monthly treatment that helps prevent

    fleas and ticks from returning Frontline or Advantix application

•   Paw a Cure: A time saving trio of nail trimming, nail grinding

    and ear cleaning services that’s convenient for you and

    your pet

•   Ear care reduces build-up and helps prevent infection

Dog bath

For questions, or to book an appointment for one of our grooming services, call:



Dog taking a bath

Routine care will keep your pet healthy