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High-Quality Pet Supplies

At Empire Grooming Boutique and Salon,we believe your pets deserve the very best pet food, treats, and other products. Are you looking for healthy and safe pet products? Clients count on us to carry the best brands. Stop in and browse our shop.

Count on the best pet foods

•   Acana and Orijen

•   Bravo

•   Fromm

•   Natura-Innova


•   Tripett

•   Taste of the Wild

•   Primal

Pet dog

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Keep them clean with bath goods

•   Tropiclean

Dog food Leash

Give your pet the best products

Reward with a tasty treat

•   Buckle Down

•   Gooby

•   Lupine

•   Up Country

•   Woofwear

•   Buddy Biscuits

•   Kitty Kaviar

•   Natura

•   Pet Kind

•   Zukes

Trust our safe leashes / collars