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Special Breed-Specific Grooming

Empire Pets Grooming Boutique, offers the latest styles of pet grooming for any breed of dog. Do you want a professional groomer who will keep your furry baby looking clean and stylish? Contact our experts today.

Rely on our experience

Poodles - Hand scissor, fancy patterns including Royal Dutch, Bare Ponjola, Town and Country, and Sweetheart Cut. We even have a creation of our own, which is a medium length body cut with “UGG” boots. Very stylish!


Terriers - are one of our favorite haircuts, because of the strong angles and extreme transformations. The Kerry Blue Terrier, the West Highland, the Airdale, and the Soft Coated Wheaton are a few.


Shih Tzu - We groom more Shih Tzus than any other breed. Now they have become one of our specialties. While in New York, Teri learned some new styles for the Shih Tzu. One is the popular “pony trim”, which leaves the legs long and fluffy while the body is relatively short. This allows the dog to wear coats and sweaters, protecting the coat from the matting that usually goes along with the apparel. This “pony” cut looks very cute on Maltese, Yorkies, and Lhasa Apso. The other variation is the short round head; we like to call it “SHIKSA” head; lovingly named after Teri’s own little Shiksa. Most of our Shih Tzus opt for this look.


Bichon Frise is one breed that can have several variations of the breed specific haircut. We can do a full fluffy version that looks a lot like the show cut. Most owners prefer a more practical version, which is a little shorter on the head and body. We also do a “tomboy” version of the Bichon cut, which is very cute, for those Bichon’s that secretly wish they were Labrador retrievers.


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