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At Empire Grooming Boutique and Salon, It is our mission to give you and your pet a wonderful, relaxing experience at our boutique. Are you looking for the perfect place to bring your very important family member for grooming? Contact us today.

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"Our yorkie was a mess when when we brought her in to Empire Pets Boutique. Mat was awsome and Tia took a liking to him right off the bat. Tia never looked better. Awesome job, Matt" - pkwebdesigns


"Empire Pets is the best place in town! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Terri & her staff at Empire Pets. I work at a local animal shelter who uses Empire Pets to groom our pets up for adoption. Most of our staff take their personal pets there as well, so it was only natural when I adopted a Yorkie that she would go there too. Empire Pets is always so polite when I schedule appointments and go in. They have always done a fabulous job on my Yorkie’s haircuts, putting the most adorable top knot pony tail in her hair. She looks like a beauty queen. On her 2nd birthday, I realized I forgot to schedule her regular appointment & I couldn’t get in. So I took her to Petsmart on Johnson Dr. & I-35. They shaved her so short that you could see her skin on her shoulders and there was no pony tail. She looked horrible & it cost almost $20 more! It took almost 6 months for her hair to grow back to a point where Terri could cut it normally again. I vowed never to go anywhere else. I have since adopted a silky terrier who is fear aggressive. Terri & her team never have any problems with him and he always looks like a little stud muffin when he comes out of there. I highly recommend Empire Pets to everyone I meet for their dog and cats grooming!" - Brandi B.


"More than just grooming! Terri and her staff are what make Empire Pets so nice. I have a short haired Chihuahua, Salina. I bring Salina every month to get her nails done. The staff is wonderful to both of us. I also have purchased Salina's dog food from Empire Pets since the day I brought Salina home. They sell GREAT dog food, the kind WITHOUT the wheat gluten that was found to be the most likely source of deaths in a large pet food recall. When those stories were on the news, I had no worries, because Salina was eating GREAT. Also, Empire Pets, on occasion will offer Pet Photography, by a professional, unlike those you find at PetSmart" - Samantha R.



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"Best Place to get your Pats groomed in Kansas City! I have Isabella, my toy poodle, there just once but have heard wonderful things from people who have taken their pets there for years. I had taken Isabella to 2 different pet salons prior to Empire and had nightmares for cuts. The first shaved her when we asked the specifically not to shave her and the second we thought would be a good bet, Pets Mart, the completely trashed her hair cut. Shaved her ears to almost bald and literally took chunks of hair out of coat. Upon taking her there she was not scared at all and seemed to be enjoying herself when we picked her up I am taking her in on Thursday 7/10 and we complete my review then, however the first time was absolutely fantastic and we don’t mind driving almost 30 miles to take her there. World Class environment, Customer service, and best bang for your buck as far as I am concerned" - Paul D.


"Outstanding. My Lhasa has been groomed by Empire Pets his entire 12 years of owning me. He looks great, spoiled by his treatment. The prices are reasonable, etc.

Terri and the crew are great." - Steve H.


"Best Grooming in Town! Empire Pets is the Best! They groom my dog wonderfully! It’s hard to find a place that will stay true to what you want and find a balance with the traditional look of the dog. I’ve got a bichon, but I don’t like the big head look – They always give him the best haircuts and he looks great! I’ve recommended them to several people and everyone I know now takes their dogs to Empire Pets! I’m so sad that we’ve moved and can’t go there anymore. I’d gladly make the drive back to Mission to get my dog groomed there." - pixie2383


"Terri is the best groomer in town. I highly recommend her. She is the only one I trust to groom my two little fur babies." - Cheryl Lewis


"We used Empire Pets for two years before moving out of state to Colorado. The staff did a wonderful job with my mixed breed Bichon who can be a bit of a handful. She always looked great when I would pick her up and she seemed to enjoy her new style. Just a wonderful grooming salon!!  We miss Empire Pets!" - Amber


"I always have enjoyed shopping for my dogs needs at Empire Pets. They have a very informative, helpful and friendly staff." Jamie

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We understand that it can be hard to trust someone new with your pet. Teri has over 35 years of grooming experience. It is truly a family affair with 3 sisters also in the grooming business in the Kansas City area. Teri even spent 2 years in New York grooming and training other groomers on the latest styles and techniques. Customers know that with our years of experience and expert techniques their pet is in capable hands.